Talent Aquisition Consultant

Offering tailored talent acquisition or sourcing services

in banking, financial, sales, manufacturing, retail, distribution, pharmaceuticals, mining, agriculture, engineering and aerospace.

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Talent Acquisition Consultant

Offering tailored talent acquisition or sourcing services

in banking, financial, sales, manufacturing, retail, distribution, pharmaceuticals, mining, agriculture, engineering and aerospace.

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Talent Acquisition Consultant

Offering tailored talent acquisition or sourcing services

in banking, financial, sales, manufacturing, retail, distribution, pharmaceuticals, mining, agriculture, engineering and aerospace.

Only the Best

Cindy Kucey

Headhunting & Talent Acquisition Consultant

Cindy takes pride in the relationships she builds with her clients.
People are at the heart of what she does. She understands the importance of not just the brief — the core competencies and skill sets required, but equally important to her is her client’s culture and what is specifically
important to each individual role.

Delivering Results

Her 15 years of recruitment experience as a Headhunting & Talent sourcing specialist, in various industries locally as well as internationally, and her ability to identify quality profiles; partnered with a passion for what she does guarantees she’ll deliver the most outstanding candidates who will be an important cultural addition to the organization.

Talent Acquisition or Sourcing Services

Talent Acquisition or Sourcing

Proactively identifying and engaging with talent and nurturing relationships not only to fill current vacancies but also to build a talentpool or pipeline for future positions and strategic hiring projects. Finding the best talent using proactive recruiting techniques and specific skill sets combined with a deep expertise in uncovering potential candidates in harder to reach places.

In-house (HR) Direct Approach/Cold Calling Workshops

Call reluctance is the despair of most corporate recruiters, preventing them from naturally picking up the phone and conversing with strangers (who can be prospective hires). If a recruiter is not comfortable to make dozens of cold calls every day, he or she won’t be able to recruit passive candidates on a consistent basis. Networking is the primary means to find the right passive talent. And, those who know to convert cold phone screens into a hot list of great referrals will make best and most placements. In her workshops recruiters will learn the Art of Direct Approach techniques that will make cold-calling simple – – even fun!

  • Planning and preparation techniques that remove emotion from the process.
  • Influential hooks and scripts that get all levels of passive candidates to take your call.
  • Useful methods to get past gatekeepers ethically and effortlessly.
  • The voicemail message your prospects will actually return.
  • Conversation starters that build rapport and help you qualify candidates as you talk

Research Specialist

Being an expert in the field Cindy believes that Research is the backbone of the search process. Personally conducting the research using all the initiative, imagination, creativity and determination required to uncover candidates with the right skills, experience, fit, ambition and emotional intelligence for the role. Keeping in mind that research is an Art and not a Science, her approach to both potential sources and candidates is extremely professional. You do not have a pool of future senior managers?

Through market research and identification:
The headhunter analyzes the target market for suitable potential candidates and will help you to build a talent pool which will enable you to prepare an effective succession plan for your key staff. Headhunters get in touch with candidates who seem to fit in the profile and assess mutual interest and a potential fit.

This research, identification and direct approach will subsequently allow you to know what is available on the market, where your company’s reputation stands, whether you are competitive, along with strategic advise to help you measure, improve and optimize every step of the recruiting funnel and recruitment goals of your organization.

In the Spotlight

Headhunting and talent sourcing, what is the difference?

Why use a headhunter ?

When you need to reach specific business objectives

The headhunter will target the best potentiels on the market and will talk to numerous candidates who are not actively seeking a new job. The direct approach specialist is an expert in research, building relationships and will have a very large network of contacts. The headhunter will take the time to identify the client’s needs, conduct thorough market research with the client’s need in mind, target and approach individuals that are ideal for the role in a very unique way, conduct detailed screening and ensure that only the best candidates are submitted so that the interview process can be as streamlined as possible. Once the candidate has been placed, headhunters often offer a replacement guarantee. This acts as an assurance of quality, as they’ll offer to replace the candidate for free if the hire leaves within the agreed time frame.

What is «sourcing» and what are the benefits of this service?

To keep the business going with the right candidates

A talent sourcer will identify the right potential candidates for any given position—often providing insightful and surprising results that may have otherwise been overlooked. Traditional recruiters may be more skilled in selling a candidate on a job or company. Sourcers are experts at discovering candidates and determining what actions need to be taken to interest them in an opportunity. This service will provide a pipeline of leads that can be followed on with recruiters who can close the deal.

Trust is a key element in the relationship between a company and a headhunter.

What if you want to recruit someone from a competitor with which you have a good relationship?

You have an employee that is under-performing?

You may want to start the recruiting process before you let them go?

Organizations with an opening in their executive ranks are vulnerable. Whether an existing position needs to be filled or a position is newly created by restructuring, turnover or market opportunity, the hiring process may be  confidential. Confidentiality can keep competitors from being tipped off to management shake-ups, new products, and market initiatives and can protect against employee, stockholder, and supplier apprehension. Search consultants value the highly sensitive information they become privy to during the search process. They are acutely aware and respectful of their client’s vulnerability. A headhunter can help avoid conflict with competitors and provide the secrecy you need.

What they say


John Paul Moutinho

Cindy was a pleasure and delight to work with when hiring. Highly competent and skilled her profession, she is a definite asset to any organization.

Matthew G. Semple

Cindy is a wonderful partner who has worked with me on several dossiers. I personally feel that prosepective candidates value her enthusiasm, integrity and engagement. I also value her persistence and listening skills.

Sian Ramberansignh

Cindy is an exceptional recruitment and HR professional. She continues to be a leader in acquiring top talent for the bank coast-to-coast. Cindy is a pleasure to work with and demonstrates integrity and professionalism in all her interactions.

France Despatie

Cindy was requested to search candidates for our organization. Context, industry and requirements were a real challenge. Cindy was able to find talented people. As a result, we proceeded with the hiring of one person who is performing very well.

Her professionalism with the potential candidates help to make them at ease which increase the pipeline of candidates.

Sarah Fortier

“Cindy is very attentive to her client’s needs and paid great attention to the specific profile that we were looking to fill. Cindy was able to drum up many potential candidates for a role that was quite difficult for us to fill. She also provided us with great insight on the market, industry and candidate profiles based on the connections she made in completing a sourcing mandate with us. A pleasure to work with and I definitely recommend her services. ”

Shelley Rowat, CFP®

It was an absolute pleasure collaborating with Cindy around my hiring needs. She was a true professional and highly skilled with her approach. I would recommend her to any organization.

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Trust is a key element in the relationship between a company and a headhunter.
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